Arkaja Milk Foods

Milk is one of the best and tastiest ways to help ensure your diet is nutritious and balanced. Other than fat and carbohydrates Milk provides nine essential nutrients in each serving: protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A and D and four B vitamins—B12, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and niacin. A glass of milk provides about 30% of our daily nutritional needs which other superfoods may not be able to provide us with. That’s quite a glassful!

Below are the few interesting facts about milk-

  • Energy, Water, and immunity are what keeps our bodies alive. Milk achieves it in the most efficient way. It provides all three, unlike other foods, in proper balance.
  • Body needs energy to survive the day. Milk has a special sugar called Lactose in it. It provides good amounts of energy, is tasty, and in excess easily gets stored in the body.
  • Body needs water- to fill its 2/3rd weight, to hydrate and reduce the inflammation in body, about to excrete the waste products through urine, and sweat.
  • Body needs good amounts of acid-base balance to survive and fight infections within the body. The lactose found in the milk is a special carbohydrate, unlike others, in that it can be easily broken into lactic acid in the gut and in the body- to fight infections and inflammation in these areas.
  • Milk has huge advantage when it comes to glycemic index. Glycemic index measures rate of change of glucose concentration in the blood.

Fast food products have high glycemic index because they raise the blood glucose levels in the blood very quickly. Milk has a much lower glycemic index, since it raises the blood glucose levels slowly. It provides tremendous help, since on one hand it helps body to gain energy, and on the other hand it sends the increase in the blood glucose signal to the brain and other body parts very slowly. Thus it doesn’t de-stabilize the glucose measurement status of the body much, unlike Fast food and other food items.

It helps to keep the insulin levels down, this hugely reducing the risk of Diabetes in the society. It saves society from the deadly Diabetes

  • there are very few sources of the Calcium in our diets. After Water, Energy, and Proteins-if there’s one thing you should take care of in your body is of Calcium. Your bones, teeth, cartilages, arteries, veins, and heart need calcium. As you can see- these organs are extremely important in your body. Milk has literally co- evolved to give us these nutrients in the proper amounts.

Our Vision

We aim to provide fresh milk from our farmer’s home to your doorstep without any mixing,
adulteration or dilution. If you need Cow’s, Buffalo’s or Mix milk we guarantee to fulfill your
requirement. We just don’t mix different varieties and name it ‘Milk’.

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